‘Teclin’ project objectives: search based on properties

Image: capture from a development test.

Why is it important search based on properties?

Because it’s how our brain categorizes objects. When you make a gazpacho you are looking for fresh vegetables and not for pages that display the word “fresh”.

 Why is it useful natural language for search based on properties?

Because people remember properties through language. If people would remember digital codes it may be more practical, but then they would not be humans.

Socio-economic consequences of being able to effectively search based on properties

  • If you want to create a budget for a new development you do not need experience or inside information about suppliers. Increased innovation. Increased dynamism of the economy and less downtime (or so-called “crisis”).
  • The supply can adjust to the demand as users lose their fear to search what they need and therefore the information is available to producers.

The Teclin project from Lingua e-Solutions Ltd. aims to apply the LNLP technology developed by the company to search based on properties. A prototype is being developed. You can request a demonstration prior identification of the applicant.

I am looking for collaborators: co-founders, investors, partners … Profile for co-founders should be: Machine Learning or Data Mining seniors, or business development seniors. If you think the objective matters please contact me.

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